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This agreement set forth is made between said subscriber and the company wholescaleCRM.com The parties have entered into this agreement upon payment by the customer for any product or service at wholescaleCRM.com. – Wholescale CRM is built for and developed on Podio.


1. Billing and Subscriptions 

 If you purchase a recurring subscription from wholescaleCRM.com you are subscribing to an automatically renewing subscription requiring recurring payments at a stated frequency either monthly or annually until you cancel in the manner set forth in the following section 1.2. You authorize us to charge your payment method for the subscription fee you have selected and any applicable taxes on a monthly or annually basis depending on which plan you chose.  You can cancel your subscription in accordance with the following section 1.2  until you have canceled your subscription in the proper manner you understand that your payment method will continue to be charged and your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled.

1.2 Cancellation of Subscription 

Monthly Subscriptions: If you are on a  monthly plan you can issue to cancel your subscription at any time you then begin your 30-day notice period where you will be responsible for paying for one more 30 day period as wholescaleCRM.com monthly subscriptions must be canceled with 30 day notice. Monthly subscriptions follow a no refund policy.

Annual Subscriptions: If you are on an annual plan you can cancel at any time without a 30 day notice period. Your subscription will end after your billing cycle is finished and you will not be charged for another year. The annual plan is a yearly commitment hence the payment for the full year in advance with a no refund policy  you will still have access to the system for the remainder of your year subscription billing cycle even if you cancel in advance.

1.3 No Refund Policy

All sales are final. There is a no refund policy on products and services sold at wholescaleCRM.com. We do not offer refunds or credits for unused subscription periods, accidental purchases, or any similar reason or event.

1.4 Users and Upgrades

You must follow your subscription plan for the allotted amount of users. You shall add only the allotted amount of users in your plan to your Wholescale CRM workspace. If you have added more users then your plan allots for you will be billed in accordance to the proper plan based on the amount of users you have added to your workspace. You understand that you will be automatically billed for any increase in users following the plans listed at wholescaleCRM.com/pricing based on how many users/members you have added to your wholescale CRM CRM workspace. The same follows for If you have signed up for an annual plan you will be billed for the increase in users. If you would like to upgrade yourself in the proper manner set forth please visit wholescaleCRM.com/upgrade and upgrade your account before adding any more users/members to your wholescale CRM workspace. Multiple people may not login via the same login; each IP address/ individual shall be a separate user.

1.5 Confidentiality 

Data: You understand that wholescaleCRM.com has access to all data in the workspaces on their platform. WholescaleCRM.com will keep this data 100% confidential between the customer and wholescaleCRM.com.

1.6 Indemnity

Customer indemnifies and holds wholescaleCRM.com harmless in anyevent. 

1.7 Amendments 

This agreement can be amended at any time by the company. Subscription pricing can be amended by the company at any time.

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